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Sphinx DC

  • Expand your analysis down to DC without learning a new tool. Utilizes the
    same GUI and front end as Sphinx for Signoff
  • Accurately identify IR drop and voltage distribution issues
  • Outputs resistive network circuit
  • Identify hard to find current choke points and neck downs that lead to
    reliability problems
  • Extremely Fast and memory efficient
  • Same GUI as Sphinx allowing fast adoption
  • Same scripting interface as Sphinx
  • Fast "what if analysis" - Add or edit planes, Tlines and vias without leaving Sphinx
  • Easy integration to current EDA/CAD flows. Accepts DXF, MCM , BRD, and SiP files

PDN DC analysis
viewed in Pyramid

Tline DC analysis
viewed in Pyramid

DC Spice Circuit
Sphinx DC datasheet

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