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Sphinx 3D Path Finder (3DPF) (V4.0)

Path Finding is a process of evaluating various implementation alternatives to determine the option(s) that best fit the requirements.

Path Finding allows users to mix and match various interconnect structures composed of: RDL/Planes, vias, bump/balls/pillars and bond wires for interconnects. "3DPF" has a common GUI with multiple analysis engines allowing users to quickly construct and validate any structures using a combination of various interconnects

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Sphinx for SignOff is a Frequency Domain Signal and Power Co-Simulator. Through careful discretization of the Helmholtz equation, its conversion into a circuit representation and through proprietary transmission line referencing methods, Sphinx for Signoff offers a solution that captures the physical phenomena occurring when high speed signals propagate on interconnections in the presence of power distribution networks. It captures the lateral coupling in layered stacks, the vertical coupling through apertures and the effect of referencing on signal lines. This method is known as Multi-layered Finite Difference Method (M-FDM).

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Sphinx DC

Sphinx DC allows Sphinx users to continue their analysis down to DC, computing IR voltage drops and identifying current choke points, all without leaving the familiar Sphinx environment. The simple, easy to use GUI, console, scripting and batch mode are all available to the Sphinx DC user, and DC analysis can be run in parallel with AC analysis for work flow efficiency. Sphinx DC provides the user with both graphical and spice circuit outputs for further analysis.

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