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Idem Plus

IdEM has strong links with world leading research groups in the field of modeling and simulation. This is a guarantee of fast and direct technology transfer. IdEM uses best-in-class algorithms to build macro-models, including a proprietary data causality certification module based on Hilbert transform, highly scalable rational fitting modules enabling unlimited port counts, and top-class passivity enforcement schemes for safe and stable transient simulations. If a user has purchased BOTH Sphinx and IdEM Plus licenses, Sphinx users have a seamless GUI interface to IdEM Plus.  IdEM Plus is a user friendly tool for the generation of macro-models of linear lumped multi-port structures (e.g., via fields, connectors, packages, discontinuities, etc.), known from their input-output port responses. The raw characterization of the structure can come from Sphinx’s frequency domain simulation. The resulting models are cast in common SPICE formats for the system-level simulations required in your design flow. Thus, IdEM Plus enables SPICE processing for any kind of linear structure, component, interconnect or package.

    IdEM Plus Features:
    • Accurate and efficient : “Best in Class”
    • Passivity and Causality guaranteed
    • DC point extrapolation
    • Handles complexity via splitting strategies
    • Flexible, robust and fast
    • Data import and model export
    • Fully-featured Graphical User Interface (GUI), easy to use
    • Supporting Windows and Linux platforms

IdEM Plus

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IdEM datasheet

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