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Book Erratas

Book: Power Integrity Modeling and Design for Semiconductors and Systems

Page 85, Equation 2.5 should have units in "ns" NOT "ns/cm".

Page 96, Equation 2.8 should have units in “µd/w2” not “µd”.

Page 360, Graph 5-24b should be labeled Z23 NOT labeled as Z33

Page 371, Figure 5-33 should be corrected as:

Page 375, The last paragraph, first sentence should be "on a side, IS considered" NOT "on a side, ir considered"

Page 459, The URL mentioned (http://www.powerintegrity.net) should be www.e-systemdesign.com. This site will contain information concerning technology, products and any book errata. E-System Design is a company commercializing Dr. Swaminathan's work into products for sale. The free version (Sphinx V1.0) is no longer available. The current version is Sphinx V5.0 and has been significantly enhanced. Sphinx's sparkle sheet is available Click here.

E-System Design has a University program to gain access to our products. Company or Individuals need to contact our Sales team for an evaluation copy.

Book: Introduction to System in Package

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